Thursday, December 27, 2012

Suicide belt

[Translation of blog post originally published by Hard Ingush on 2012.09.23.]

Here is what minor suicide belt looks like. As a rule it's yield is not more than half of kilogram of TNT.
If detained has it on belt or something similar and during the special operation he was injured (and nobody will let him surrender with such thing), control shots is going to be heard. Exactly the same shots as our former press-service employee (who had feared to participate in special operation and who came only when it was safe) is charging us with like it's some sort of proof of illegality of our actions.

Red arrow shows ring which activates IED.

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Well I’ll be a monkey's uncle!

[Translation of blog post originally published by Hard Ingush on 2012.09.23.]

Sometimes completely phantasmagoric situations occur. There is operation going actively, and suddenly cows cross formation. Children come to soldiers, with curiousity they look at weapons and equipment.
Women try to pass through cordon, and if they aren't let go in, then nothing serious, they wait. Right there. Male population squats and watches our job. Sometimes they help with advice, sometimes they swear at us.
You are lying safeguarding, cat comes to you and starts rubbing against your face, climbs your back and curls up…
All this makes impression of unreality of what's going around, like you are in frontier — here is war, there is peaceful life. It's unclear where the border goes…

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Examination measures

[Translation of blog post originally published by Hard Ingush on 2012.09.21.]

Yesterday in the morning, we were conducting examination measures. And some civilian-looking character (totally not from our press service) was taking pictures of us. I asked him to send me photos via e-mail, and he did it without any extra thinking — without editing or resizing. I had enough patience to download only a few pictures.

So, in short, here is what I got — examination measures during counter-terrorist operation.


[Translation of blog post originally published by Hard Ingush on 2012.09.17.]

That's what improvised explosive device looks like on screen of robot:


Russian blogosphere is not so small, but it's concentrated only at LiveJournal. Not many bloggers who post outside LJ are popular, so we can assume that Russian-speaking part of LJ is almost 80—90% of Russian bloggers. (Of course, we are not speaking about microblogs here.)

Around September 2012, there was new account in LiveJournal created. Unlike many others so-called "political prostitutes" — both pro-putin (or anti-orange) and pro-orange (or anti-putin) — whose popularity is generated by their political posts, "copypasters" who mostly repost funny pictures and jokes, photographers who travel around the world and post pictures, HardIngush's popularity was based on his professional skills and his current job.
He is member of Russian Spetsnaz in Ingushetia (North Caucasus). What else do we know about him?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Liberation of tanker Moscow University

[Translation of blog post originally published by Denis Mokrushin.]

My friends shared with me big number of pictures made during operation of liberation of tanker captured by Somalian pirates.
Prehistory. May 5 2010 pirates attacked tanker Moscow University. The ship had been under fire of grenade launcher.
Damage made by shells.


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